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This resolution recognizes the labor task carried out by the workers of the Manipulated section of the Special Employment Center. Fischer is one of the hardware customers of the CEE that through its supplier evaluation system has resolved this distinction (the maximum). It must also be said that this milestone has been possible thanks to the occupational task carried out by different people from the Occupational Therapy Service. As you know, Acudam is a company declared of public utility and social interest. Founded in 1975, the company has a staff of more than 120 workers, industrial facilities that exceed 11,000 m² .  In a social aspect, the ACUDAM association have a different areas dedicated to the care of people with intellectual disabilities, giving them support and improving their level of independence and quality of life, resulting also beneficially in the family.

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distincion fisher company 2021

We can offer you these services on request:
We bottle liquids
We pack and count pieces
We prepare blister packs and promotions
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Acudam is declared of public utility and social interest

Distinctions to Acudam for his social work
2017 5th edition Award Territorios Solidarios Fundación BBVA
2016 Ànima Award
2003 Creu Sant Jordi

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Factory address

Pol Ind Vila-sana
C/ Colomers, 11-19
25245 Vila-sana (Lleida)

Office address

C/ Ferrer i Busquets, 2
25230 - Mollerussa (Lleida)
Tel: +34 973 71 04 04