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Specially designed for the cultivation of truffles and other mycorrhizal plants

The  vertical slots of the cell drives the root down and prevent its coiling. Ensures a optimal root development, so that once planted in the ground can absorb moisture. The lower opening help to developing of the secondary roots because stall the growth of the principal root. It's important the ability to open the Full-Pot, to control the moisture it receives the plant without causing any damage or break the rootball at the early stages of the culture. It offers a considerable reduction in storage and delivery, significant savings are achieved due to stacking system.

full pot





a x b: 5x5 cm | c x d: 5x5 cm | e: 2x2 cm | f: 18,5 cm | Gauge: 0,30 | Color: Negro | Units for sale: Packs of 750 units


You can open the Full-Pot, to control the moisture

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